Ah, yes. The perfect accessory for when you need to shred some spreadsheets. I’m not one to judge someone who takes the corporate look to the next level with a touch of rock and roll. After all, I’m pretty sure that tie isn’t a violation of the “no instruments” policy at the office… if there is such a policy !

Too bad you can strum that tie all you want, but it’s not going to play “Stairway to Heaven”.

Is that a tie or a mini-guitar for your neck? Either way it says, “I may work in finance, but deep down, I’m still a rebel”Source

No matter what, if you wanna take your guitar love to the next level and add some rockstar touch to your suits check this selection of guitar-themed ties – click the link and elevate your fashion game to the guitar god level !

Just a heads up, the link above is an affiliate link to a selection of guitar-themed ties. So, if you click the link and grab one, we’ll a get a cut. Sure, these ties won’t make you a better guitar player, but they will make you look like the real guitar enthusiast you are, but don’t blame us if the ladies or fellas aren’t immediately drawn to your guitar skills.

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