Ready to kick some asses ! Too bad this one isn’t a real pedal !

gig butt pedal

Welcome to the Gig Butt pedal imaginary review !

I recently purchased the Gig Butt pedal and have been thoroughly impressed with its performance. One of the standout features of the Gig Butt pedal is its ability to achieve a wide range of kick-ass fuzz tones.

The pedal itself has a strong and durable build, and the Hot and Nasty knobs allow for a wide range of tonal shaping options.

The Hot knob allows for precise control over the amount of gain and saturation. Basically it goes from a light fuzzy spanking tone to a butt-load of fuzzy grittyness !

The Nasty knob adds a unique character and texture to the sound. Just push it to the max and watch them shake their booties in the pit !

The pedal responds well to both single coil and humbucking pickups, and it works well with both clean and distorted amp settings.

Who needs a Fuzz Face when they can have a Gig Butt ! So, get off your butt, and go get a Gig Butt pedal !

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