Have you ever been frustrated by your inability to play certain chords ? No matter how hard you try, those lazy fingers just won’t cooperate. How cool would that be to have extra-fingers ? This would make playing guitar a breeze !


Well I guess that even a seven-fingered guitar genius would have to put in a lot of practice to become a guitar virtuoso.

Think about it. Having seven fingers could actually be a hindrance. Imagine, every time you try to form a chord, these extra fingers would get in the way and cause chaos. You would have to find new tricks to overcome these new obstacles !

Nah ! You should stick to practicing for hours on end, strumming away on your trusty six-string to get the hang of those tricky chords. No need to go to the local genetic modification clinic – luckily this is not a thing (yet ?) – and have two extra fingers added to your hand. We don’t need seven fingers to play guitar. We just need to practice… a lot !

Guitar Fail
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