That must be the most original technique of extortion to get a set of new bass strings for free !


“Dear Washburn Guitars,

I am not pleased with the Washburn bass that I own. I practice my bass everyday. I am xxx years old, and I have been playing for about two yers now. I am very disappointed that I am not a rock star, nor am I even in a band. I am blaming my very bad situation on your company. Because I bought bass, I am not a rock star. Maybe I will have to resort to buying a Fender bass instead, and maybe then I will finally be a rock star. Also, the strings are very far off the fret board. This situation is not allowing me to press down on the string fast enough; therefoire, I am also not a rockstar because of these bad strings. I suggest you send me the solution to this problem with my strings, or I might have to buy a new bass from the competition. Maybe some new strings will do the trick. But I would really like the strings to be lower, so that I can be a faster bass player and become a rock star. Thank you.

Your angry customer.”

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