Every once in a while, I’m faced with a dilemma… Do I hate it or do I like it? Yes, it’s just another way to say is it nice or ugly ? Is it a win or is it a fail ? It’s that feeling you get when something comes along that defies all expectations and leaves you scratching your head. Well, folks, today’s topic of discussion is one of those things – the curious case of the BC Rich Warlock Les Paul hybrid.

A guitar that combines the dark, edgy aesthetics of the BC Rich Warlock with all the features of a classic 1959 Gibson Les Paul. It’s like someone took two completely different personalities and forced them into a marriage they weren’t prepared for.

The unusual marriage of a reverse BC Rich Warlock and a 1959 Gibson Les Paul – Source

The result is a guitar that leaves you wondering if it’s a stroke of genius or just a bizarre experiment gone wrong.

Let’s start with the body. The unmistakable shape of the BC Rich Warlock is there, with its sharp angles and aggressive lines. But then, out of nowhere, comes the flamed top and the burst finish that screams Gibson Les Paul. It’s a clash of styles that’s hard to ignore. And on top of that, you realize that the Warlock body is upside down ! So it’s a reverse BC Rich Warlock Les Paul hybrid !

And it doesn’t stop there. The features of the Gibson Les Paul are seamlessly integrated into this unlikely combination. It’s like they wanted to prove that opposites can attract even in the world of guitars.

But here’s the thing – while I appreciate the audacity and creativity behind this fusion, I can’t help but feel a sense of confusion. It’s like looking at a musical Frankenstein’s monster, a mishmash of two different worlds that don’t quite belong together. On one hand, you have the sleek, refined elegance of the Les Paul. On the other hand, you have the aggressive, rebellious nature of the Warlock. It’s a clash of personalities that’s hard to wrap your head around.

But hey, maybe that’s the beauty of it. Maybe it’s the guitar equivalent of a quirky indie film or a bizarre modern art piece. It defies conventions, challenges our expectations, and forces us to question what we thought we knew about guitar design. It’s a guitar that defies categorization, a unique creature that’s both captivating and bewildering.

In the end, whether you love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure – the BC Rich Warlock Les Paul hybrid shows the endless possibilities of guitar design.

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