I would be so pissed if that was my guitar !

Dave Schneider’s 1965 Gibson ES-335 got jammed and crushed in an elevator by baggage handlers at a Detroit airport. What a terrible experience it must have been.

When he asked Delta staff not to check his approximately $10,000 vintage guitar, Schneider was denied flying with his instrument, as he had done on the previous flight from Portland.

When the plane landed in Detroit, Schneider found that his guitar had been damaged. Delta gave him the “runaround” in attempts to compensate for the damage.

Schneider is not the first musician to have issues with baggage handlers. In 2009, Dave Carroll turned his experience with United Airlines into a viral music video “United Breaks Guitars” and landed a book deal.

Schneider says he is not looking for fame but just looking for $1,980 to repair his guitar.



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