Imagine yourself cruising down the fretboard in style, honking your solo’s with each strum. And when you’re done playing, you pop the hood and store your picks inside… okay, it’s a far-fecthed fantasy!

Is it like a 2-for-1 deal, you get the look and the sound ? Or maybe none ? Source

At least, with this baby you can finally tell people you have a Cadillac…sort of. It is more like the love child of a guitar and a Cadillac, and they both lost in the genetics. 

You’d bet playing this guitar is like driving a classic car. It’s slow, cumbersome, and hard to handle. The only difference is that, at least, the Caddy looks good. 

But hey, If I were the owner of this guitar, and someone asked if I have a Cadillac, I would just smile and nod… and point to my guitar. It’s close enough, right?

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