Dirtiest guitar ad ever ! From the awesome Guitar Ads Pinterest page.

Update from the comments section :

Eric Dixon designed and published that ad on the back cover of Music UK magazine. The same year, at the Frankfurt Music Trade Show, he noticed four ‘suits’ looking at the ad and tut-tutting.

Here is the conversation they had :

  • Hey guys, that’s my ad. Do you like it?
  • You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing such a disgraceful ad!
  • Oh really? Now, without opening the magazine, tell me who advertised on the previous page

(They had no idea).

  • Well, it was Doug Chandler’s Music shop. Seems he wasted his money didn’t he? Not only did you notice my ad, but you’re stood here talking about it! What’s the whole point of advertising? Do you know how many 40 foot containers of Tokais that ad has sold? Crack a smile boys…. it’s only rock & roll!
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