She looks like she’s really pissed off !


What should you do if your spouse is about to feed your guitar to the woodchipper ?

First things first, it’s important to remain calm in this kind of situation. Panicking and making a run to save it is only going to make things worse. You don’t want to stumble and feed yourself or your spouse to the woodchipper ! You definitely don’t want that, do you ?

Instead, try reasoning with your spouse. Talk about all the good times you’ve had together while you played your guitar. Like the time you serenaded her, or the time you wrote a song for her birthday. Avoid talking about your long hours of mindless noodling, yeah the so-called practice sessions !

If that doesn’t work, try bargaining. Offer to buy her some flowers or to take her out for a fancy dinner. If that doesn’t work, throw in a weekend getaway. Be creative ! The fancier, the better !

If all else fails, try acting like you don’t care about the guitar, and the threats ! That should cool down the situation. If it doesn’t, and your spouse proceeds to feed the guitar to the woodchipper ?

Well, that’s just a guitar, probably an Ibanez by the look of it… So there is no drama here. Just go back to the house, and go check the Internet for your next guitar !

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