The 1990s Alvarez Dana Scoop is a rare guitar with a unique feature – a “scoop” cut out of the body to allow for easier access to the upper frets.

But ain’t that a little bit too much ?

Funny fact : Dana Sutcliffe, the creator of the Alvarez Dana Scoop guitar, accidentally invented the guitar while working at St. Louis Music in the late 1980s. An employee was working on a body when a router hit a knot near the treble cutaway. It accidentally cut a large gash in the body that was discarded. However, another employee finished assembling the guitar. When Sutcliffe played it the next day, he found that it had a unique sound and began experimenting with the gash, eventually creating a prototype of the Dana Scoop.

About 2 to 3,000 of the original Dana Scoop design were made as well as 500-700 Scoop variants and a number of custom-shop examples. Production of the Dana Scoop ceased in the mid-1990s.


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