Fast Vs Fast : Can Volkswagen Beat John “Flight of the Bumblebee” Taylor

I like to see guitars in commercials… Whatever that commercial may be. But this one, I don’t know… It seems like two fails in one !

First, John Taylor’s Flight of the Bumblebee rendition is probably one of the worst guitar track you would ever hear !

Second, Volkswagen has a partnership with Fender, right ? I don’t know how they feel to see an Ibanez in the commercial for the very same Beetle Jetta GLI that is supposed to be equipped with the Fender Premium Audio System…

So… Fail or win??


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  1. Yeah you’re right they even put a sticker on the Ibanez logo. FAIL !

  2. Dude, that’s not a fail… you try playing post-220BPM pieces while being uncontrolably hurled around a curcuit… Guess you won’t be playng like Randy Rhoads either… I know I wouldn’t!

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