Homemade Kitchen Sink Guitar

YouTuber Pete Towers made this kitchen sink lap steel guitar using found materials, including a metal kitchen sink and a Dobro resonator. Though it sounds rather good, as you can hear in the video of the kitchen sink guitar, it doesn’t look like the most...

Pimp My Ride !

Looks like someone’s trying to rock the streets with their new guitar scooter. That may be not road legal, but it’s definitely stage-worthy. NEED !!

Guitar Chair

This is the best stupid idea ever ! Not sure how comfortable this chair made of guitars is but it sure would find a place in every guitar nerd’s home !

Is This The Best POD Camouflage Ever ?

We’ve all been there, being ashamed of our newbie’s gear. The Line 6 Pod does the job but it ain’t the most desirable piece of gear that you want to show ! So here is a solution : hide it in a classy Fender amp stack. Nobody will make the difference...

Guitar Doorbell

GuitDoorbell is best doorbell ever ! You know how regular doorbells are boring or even annoying sometimes. Well, not anymore. The best part is that you can tune this mini guitar as you want. It can even be removed from the door to play it as a normal guitar....