I heard that this guitar is really fertile. It’s got plenty of seeds for making sweet music. I guess the giant sperm on the guitar represent the creative juices flowing into it. Or maybe it’s just a reminder of where good ideas go to die.

But, you know what they say : it’s not the size of the sperm that matters, it’s the amount of wood. And it has enough to be a functional guitar sculpture. It is a little reminiscent of the ESPerm guitar don’t you think ?

Brian McCormack, the creator of The Birth of Folk guitar, is a graphic artist based in Bound Brook, New Jersey. He attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art from and Montclair State College in the mid-70s. He has exhibited his work in various banks, colleges, galleries, and museums in New York City and the tri-state area.

As an artist, Brian’s focus is on combining art and music through his handcrafted acoustic guitars that incorporate humor and social awareness. He starts by fixing any technical issues with the guitar to make it playable, then adds unique materials and original concepts to each piece. Brian’s guitars are in private collections across the country and have been shown in museums and galleries.

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