We’ve all been there… You’ve got the syndrome, the gear acquisition syndrome, and there is no cure !

A new guitar, amp or effects pedal comes out ! You see it ! And then the first question pops :

Do I want this new guitar thingy ?

You answered no ! You’re back to square one : waiting for the next temptation ! Let’s face it, even if you’re not fully aware of it, most of the time you probably are stuck in “The Mighty Loop of Temptation”. Most of us are most of the time, and it’s for the best !

You answered yes ! Move on to the next question !

Do I need this new guitar thingy ?

You answered no ! Dammit ! Now you’re stuck in “The Infinite Loop of Indecision”. You are in a very very bad place right now ! Weighing the pros and cons ! Scrolling through specs and videos !

You answered yes ! Move on to the next question !

Am I married ?

That’s a pretty weird question to ask yourself. You obviously already know whether you have a spouse or not ! You just forgot to consider the spouse parameter in the GAS equation… up until now ! Luckily, the answer is pretty straight forward !

You answered yes ! Sorry ! You are stuck in “The Loop of Responsibility”. It probably is the worst loop to be in because you really really need this new guitar toy but you don’t want to get a divorce !

You answered no ! Congrats ! You are totally free to buy this new piece of guitar gear that you really really wanted, and that you really need for whatever musical venture you’re in these days ! There is nobody to get in your way to guitar bliss except maybe your banker !

Welcome to the Infinite G.A.S. Loop… Enjoy the ride !

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