They really don’t know what to make anymore ?

Air Guitar is, by definition, an imaginary instrument. It’s an activity that many guitarists, and even people without any musical background have indulged in at some point. After all, pretending to be a rockstar in front of a mirror is an entertaining and harmless activity.

One day, people even came up with the idea of organizing Air Guitar competitions, which became quite popular. These shows feature upbeat music, and it’s fun to watch people express themselves on stage. I remember attending one such contest once. I remember being torn between laughing, judging and questioning. But in fact, it’s a lighthearted and enjoyable experience for the people rockin’ out on stage. So, why not ?

Now, some people are taking it a step further by creating actual Air Guitars ? Well, why not after all. If it brings people together to share an enjoyable moment. These Air Guitars won’t change the guitar world nor the world. Some people may think it’s a fun activity. Sometimes it’s okay to let loose and have a good time, I guess…

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