Rock Like an Egyptian

A lot of work into this one but no thanks !!

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  1. Incredible! Maybe if there was a bit of Sapphire blue in there. Absolutely stunning, would be great to have on stage.

    • Hi, I’m William, designer, builder and seller of the guitar. It does have sapphire blue horizontal bands of clear coated Fimo clay to simulate the cast glass. It was sold on Ebay for $2,550, then resold to another player in Las Vegas for 5,000.
      Far from any sort of fail, its the best compensation I got for anything I ever created, nothing but positive reviews and the first buyer said it was the best guitar he ever played. Its gold leafed in 24k gold from LA Gold. It has a limited edition Q-Tuner pick up with Neodimium magnets (24), gold plated Optima Strings and the woods are Black Korina body, Wenge neck, Ebony fingerboard and mammoth ivory ankh symbols as markers.
      The body is hand carved, has steinburger tuners and a great pyramid truss rod cover of mammoth ivory, scrimshawed.
      It took 200 hours to build it with only hand tools. (Exception is drill for pegs and screws).
      It has a black water buffalo string nut and concentric tuner/volume knob that appears as a vultures eye. It was photographed with the heavy metal band “Nile.”
      Its all real gold, ivory, horn and African woods like King Tut would have had, haha.
      I built it for the 50th Anniversary of the Flying V & 50th Anniversary of King Tut on display, happened at the same time.

  2. This guitar is one of a kind, I actually know the guy that owns this guitar and he has found a perfect use for it. He uses it when paying tribute to an old Steve Martin skit King Tut:

    • Hi, im the designer and builder of this guitar. James Filnac personally thanked me and praised the guitar for use in his show.
      Im so glad it found a good home with him and a stage presence to entertain people.
      William Hunter

      It was built of all the best woods, black korina, ebony, wenge and has black water buffalo, mammoth ivory, 24k gold leaf and custom pick up on it from Q-Tuner with 24 neodymium magnets.
      Its one of a kind, very expensive to make, hand carved.
      I was inspired by the dual timing of the simultaneous anniversaries…the golden anniversary of the flying V and the anniversary of king tut on display.
      I wanted to make the sort of guitar tbat he may have played if he could, what Carter may have discovered in there.
      Far from a fail, customers told me its the best guitar they played, not just looks…and its the highest compensation I ever got for anything I created.
      Say hi to Jim 🙂

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