Ah, the 1962 Fender Precision Bass. It was a thing of beauty, a testament to the master craftsmanship of its time. But fast forward to the wild world of the 1980s, and this bass met with a fate that even the bravest of instruments would shudder at. Welcome, dear readers, today we regale you with tales of guitar tragedies and luthier legends. Today, we dive deep into an “extra” bassy horror story.

Note: No vintage instruments were harmed in the writing of this post… well, except for this one, unfortunately. But we are not responsible!

The once-pristine Precision Bass that proves that extra can too far – Source

Behold, a Precision Bass that believed in the age-old mantra of more is more.

  • Extra cutaway? Check.
  • Extended fingerboard for those four bonus frets? Double-check.
  • Additional pickups, knobs, and…

Well, you get the picture.

This bass is a lesson in overindulgence. It’s like someone gave it a supercharged makeover, but instead of turning into the belle of the ball, it ended up looking like it’d partied too hard at every 80’s rock concert.

Even the original Daphne Blue color – a custom hue that turns heads for decades – has been changed. It’s a bit like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa; sure, it’s different, but was it necessary?

To all our passionate gearheads out there, a gentle reminder: just because you CAN add all the extras, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Let’s leave the 80’s extravagance to neon leg warmers and big hair. Vintage gear? Maybe let’s treat them with the reverence they deserve. Or not… We’ll leave it to you!

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