Why Bother Learning Chord Shapes ? Just Use Chord Buddy !

You can even watch a demo of the chord buddy

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  1. Sooooo useless… Learn the right way to play or keep playing guitar hero…

  2. Better to persevere with the funny finger shapes, IMHO…

    …but a useful aid for differently-abled people that want to play.

  3. If you were that lazy, surely you’d just use open tuning and a slide…

  4. FINALLY! Captain Hook can rock out to some “Kum Ba Yah” around the campfire.

  5. LOL. I agree you don’t learn to play the guitar properly until you can play without the ChordBuddy. It is more like “training wheels” for the guitar. Without training wheels most kids would stop riding a bike after a good fall or two. The ChordBuddy is similar in that it helps to take the pain and frustration out of the learning experience. Cheers!

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