Prince Smashes Captain Kirk’s Epiphone Crestwood (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

The guitar is the property of Captain Kirk from The Roots. I love Prince but that poor original Epiphone Crestwood (1961) didn’t deserve that treatment. You can watch the video here it happens at the end. I like the reaction of The Roots on facebook though.


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  1. Lindsay mitchell

    Bullshit move. Didn’t care much for him before. Intense aversion now.

  2. Apparently Kirk Douglas had never heard the stories about Prince “borrowing” guitars…? I’ve heard those stories since I was a kid.

    Prince actually did this once in Minneapolis TWICE… to the same guy.. two nights in a row… He asked the guy to play his guitar.. Played two songs and then broke it. Prince comes in the next night and asks to play the guys guitar… The guy says “ok, but DON’T break it”… Prince plays two songs and then breaks it and walks off.

    Prince just put that guitar out of its misery… It lived a normal guitar life of being the favorite guitar of a famous musician. Then… the guitar was played by Prince. It wouldn’t be fair to make the guitar live the dull life of being the guitar of Kirk Douglas after it experienced a few minutes of being played by Prince.

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